More than 20 years offering the best sea products
In Cies pasteurized products, we have been experts for 20 years now in offering the best shellfish from the Rías Baixas. We select and daily elaborate fresh products with the utmost quality.

Nowadays, we have facilities which are provided with the most modern technology specialized in the pasteurization of all types of shelllfish, from the beginning, we have widened our range of products and markets. Nowadays, we want to go a step forward in this commitment by launching into the market our organic mussel, a healthy, natural and enviromentally friendly product.

Our priority is the constant search for quality and innovation of our products in order to satisfy our customers needs. The respect for tradition is reflected in our way of working. We offer a 100% Rías Baixas product, which is fresh, natural, healthy and tasty

Organic Mussel

A natural treasure from the depths of the sea
The Atlantic firths hide ,beneath their Waters, hundreds of stories and legends still to be discovered. Nevertheless, our sea is for us an old acquaintance that infuses us with its life, offering a myriad of treasures in the form of food Among all those treasures we can highlight the mussel, the most natural and healthy treasure of our sea, which we carefully and organically cultivate. You just have to discover it

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