Why is our mussel organic?

  • The materials and products we use are the most environmentally friendly.
  • The water quality. Our mussels grow in the Rías Baixas, and according to European regulations, they are highly qualified for their cleanliness and bioversity
  • Traceability and control of all the process.
  • Density and origin of a controlled cultivation. The number of ropes in each wooden platform does not exceed the number of 500 with a máximum of 20 metres high.
  • Our production is sustainable.

Why should one consume organic or eco food?

  • Because they are 100% natural. They are the healthiest and most nourishing products.
  • They are safe. These organic products undergo the strictest quality controls according to the European Union regulation.
  • Because you contribute to a sustainable development. By consuming them, you contribute to an agricultural production that makes out of our surroundings a more sustainable and liveable environment.
  • This way, we also contribute to prevent pollution.

Organic Mussel

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