In Cies pasteurized products, our main target is to offer the highest qualities of our products

Our manufacturing process guarantees that you can enjoy the best shellfish with the strictest control all year round.

In this sense, we have established a system based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical checkpoints such as it is stipulated in our Food Safety Manual This manual gathers all the procedures and measures that we have adopted to guarantee the safety and harmlessness of our products

We also count with the certification of The Mussel Protected Designation of Origin of Galicia, which endorses the quality of the fresh Galician mussel obtained through the traditional system of farming in wooden platforms or floating nurseries. This designation of origin guarantees the optimum conditions of production, transformation and distribution of our mussel fulfilling the parameters of established quality. These controls are carried out by the technical services of the Regulatory Board altogether with the collaboration of the certification company Bureau Veritas.

As to our organic mussel we control all the production process from the sea on to the table, offering a product which is 100% Bio and environmentally friendly We also count with the most demanding Bio certifications European Certification of Bio Agriculture and the Regulatory Board of Bio Agriculture in Galicia CRAEGA an entity in charge of the control and certification of the organic productions in Galicia

CRAEGA certification CRAEGA certification CRAEGA certification CRAEGA certification

Organic Mussel

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